Mallory Square

Things To Do in Key West, Florida

A Celebration of Life

Mallory square has been a social hub in the city of Key west since it's creation in the early 1820's. It originally began as a dock for Asa Tift, a shipwreck scavenger, to store his findings and goods in his nearby waterfront warehouse. It soon became a place for the residents to not only shop, but to gossip about news in the town. Now, almost two centuries later, it serves much of the same purpose, but on a much larger scale. People come from all over the world to enjoy the restaurants, shops, theaters, museums, and live entertainment that the square offers.

The thing people come to see the most is called the Sunset Celebration. Popularized in the 1960's this celebration has become key to the culture and community of Key West. The Sunset Celebration in Mallory square starts daily about 2 hours before the sun actually sets. The square becomes filled with incredible entertainment. Street performers including magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, local musicians and artist all come to entertain and celebrate. For those looking for a souvenir of the experience local artisan and jewelry vendors come in full force to sell their unique and expressive wares. For those looking for a delicious taste, local food vendors flock the square to sell their unique Florida Flavors.

The celebration ends as people quietly come together to witness the majesty of the lowering red sun across the sparkling pink gulf waters. Reflected in that water is the true Key West spirit, that everyday of life is something to celebrate. Just because the sunset happens every day does not make it any less beautiful or diminish it's majesty. The Key West people believe in living today as your last and celebrating the beauty in everyday things. This celebration is done at Sunset and its done at Mallory Square.